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Japan, 2014

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

On January 3rd 2014 I left Chicago bound for Japan. I had been studying the language for about two years at that point and was eager to immerse myself in the culture and see how well my speaking / communication skills faired if I went alone.

Anyway, after arriving in Narita and taking the subway to Tokyo I ended up spending a few days traveling around Tokyo. After that I made it to Kyoto where I wandered around for two days before traveling to Hiroshima by shinkansen on my 4th day to meet Nagi. She was born in Hiroshima and this was the first chance I had to visit her in her hometown.

After I met with Nagi at the station she took me to stay at her parent’s house for a little over a week in a town called Hatsukaichi. There she showed me countless amazing things, took me to all kinds of beautiful places and introduced me to many wonderful people. Spending time in Hiroshima with Nagi, her friends and family was truly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life.

Ten days after after first arriving in Hiroshima I decided to continue traveling south through Japan. Nagi and her mother saw me off at Hiroshima station and after I said goodbye to them I took the bullet train further south through Honshu and then into Kyushu until I finally reached the city of Kagoshima. I had to leave my nylon string guitar at Nagi's house. I promised that one day I'd come back to get it. Below are the pictures I took during my visit...

Tokyo :

Kyoto :

Hiroshima :

Miyajima :

Yamaguchi :

Kagoshima :

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